Crowning Success was formed in April of 1998. Dr. Mark L. Huddleston created it. Dr. Huddleston had a vision that he could help educate the multitudes if he could gather the right people to help disseminate his self-help study lessons throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

A new way of promoting self-development was formed. Dr. Huddleston realized that most people feared the unknown, and that was the reason for their lack of success. Dr. Huddleston also realized that many people’s personal beliefs were incorrect.

A millionaire friend of Crowning Success informed us of something that stuck with us ever since. He told the people of Crowning Success that there is no competition in the world but the competition that you create for yourself. He also stated that 90% of all the people in the world would never even try to accomplish one of their dreams in their lifetime. He also said that only 5% of the people in the world would try something one time, and if they fail, they will never try anything else for the rest of their life. Here is the kicker; He said that the last 5% of the people of the world will try something more than once, and that is why they become successful over time. They never give up, and they learn from their failures and life lessons.

Here at Crowning Success, we know without a doubt that you become what you think about all the time, and if you think about nothing, you in all actuality become nothing. Most people must get over the fear of living if they are to become successful in life.

My new-found dream is to help everyone that will listen to become all that they have ever dreamed of becoming. Some people call what I do for people life coaching. Whatever it is that I do for people, I genuinely love doing it.

*Below, is the questioning of a 10 year old boy that started a movement that has changed thousands if not millions of peoples lives.


   We live in different times than our parents did when they were our age. The need for inspiration, motivation, and encouragement is at an all-time high.

  According to recent conducted surveys in the United States, the American people are facing serious all around difficulties. Many people I have spoken to personally are scared to death about their future.

  Many people live under a misconception that ordinary people like you and I can’t become millionaires or live comfortable everyday lives like the elite 5% of the world. The reason most of us feel this way is due to being mentally conditioned from childhood that only “those people” can live a life-style that we all at one time dreamed of.

  The truth of the matter is that when we were children we use to dream of doing big things, becoming doctors, astronauts, basketball players, presidents, and/or teachers. The Sky was the limit. There were no boundaries to what we could or could not accomplish. We set the tone and the outcome to every dream we ever dreamed when we were young. Our dreams were endless. So what happened?

  Let me tell you what happened. Somewhere in time, a person that we respected very much told us that we were crazy and that dreaming was foolish and we believed them. They told us that dreaming was for the mentally ill. That we needed to live in reality, the here and now and that only “those people” were allowed to dream and live the good life.

  I always wondered what made “those people” better than me. “Those people” looked like me. They acted like me. They wore the same clothes as me. They eat the same food as me. They were no smarter than me. They were no faster or stronger than I was. So why was I not allowed to be like “those people.” Was there a law that I did not know about? And if there was such a law, who was enforcing it? Why was I not chosen to be one of “those people?”

  Well, let me be the first to tell you that all of us that choose so can become one of “those people.” Throughout this DVD/CD I will cover numerous principles and disciplines, that if implemented and applied on a daily basis, not only will your life exponentially change, it will have far more positive implications than you ever thought possible.

  You must understand that the number one reason for disparity in one’s life is due solely to procrastination and ignorance. Your height, skin color, race, and/or nationality has nothing to do with congruence in your life. Now that the cat is out the bag and there are no more excuses that you can use, let’s move in a more productive direction to obtain a beneficial outcome.

Here at Crowning Success our vision is to significantly improve the quality of lives worldwide by heightening people’s (opportunity) awareness one person at a time.

We do this by educating and empowering our audiences through instructural training DVD/CD’s, seminars, and events that once again expand people’s (opportunity)  awareness and match people with the undisputable Laws of the Universe.

Crowning Success plays a significant role in creating a learning environment in which all people are given the opportunity to evolve beyond their present plain of existance while creating a never-ending cycle of  development and prosperity.

The number one goal of Crowning Success is to strengthen the businesses in the local community so that they can be the pillar and the sturdy foundation that is needed to keep a community striving and fruitful.

Dr. Huddleston was once told by one of his mentors that if you seek change that you must become the change you want in life. Dr. Huddleston took these words to heart and has used these words as his direction in life and business.

The war cry of Crowning Success is “If You Are Not Part Of The Solution, You Are Part Of The Problem.”

All businesses need a helping hand and that is what Crowning Success provides! Making it a All Win Scenario!