Booking Dr. Huddleston For Speaking Engagements

For businesses and/or organizations that would like to book Dr. Huddleston to
speak at a planned engagement. Here is how you would go about it. You can send
a message to Crowning Success by way of [email protected] or by
calling (925) 752-1649.

Dr. Huddleston speaks on several different topics:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Success Principles
  • Building and Maintaining Credit
  • Landing The Job You Want
  • Performing Unmatched Customer Service
  • Building An Organization To Be Proud Of

So, what are you waiting for? Dr. Huddleston has spoken to different organizations
all over the world. There is no group too large or too small. It is up to your organization
to make the next move. Dr. Huddleston and the Crowning Success staff is looking
forward to hearing from you.

Employer & Employee Benefits

Crowning Success has worked with employers and employees by opening IRAs, 401ks, and other financial accounts and explaining how they work. Most businesses have financial accounts they offer their employees but never explain how they benefit the employee and how those same accounts benefit the employer. Crowning Success feels this is a travesty that needs to be addressed to build loyalty between the employer and the employee. Crowning Success also explains how voluntary benefits can attract topnotch employment candidates to the employers front door.